Afghan Heroin

$150.00 – $1,900.00



I ONLY sell UNCUT heroin from Afghanistan. It looks exactly like the picture and holds around 80% purity. My reason for having such low prices is simply just to fuck the ones who are fucking you! It should not be expensive! It should be cheap…and IT FUCKING IS!!!!

I have been dealing with this kind of business for years, so you are dealing with professionals, so nothing to worry. The worst thing that can happen, which is very rare, but we have to keep it in mind that it might happen on occasion, it gets seized! But not to worry, you will not get a refund, BUT YOU WILL GET A NEW SHIPMENT ON THE HOUSE!!!!!

I charge too little to agreeing to paying back if the shit happens. I have never been caught, but i did make an example in my hometown of europe, just to let people know that this can be sent to anyone, without their knowledge….so i sent to the chief of police here,,..hehe…just say nothing and wait for your lawyer. when you decide to make a purchase i will give you ALL the information you need, or perhaps, I NEED from you!

I have to mention that if you do decide to buy 20 grams or more, i will give you a 10$ discount for each gram! This is temporary, because of my large stock right now, so i can afford it and maybe get some cool customers!!! You guys mean everything to me, so you will all get the same SPECIAL VIP treatment if you buy two grams or 50 grams or a kilo…..

So that i call it a Wholesale discount! and it will be shipped within 2 days. And yes you will get a tracking nr!


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